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If you love people and are passionate about kids and their future, we provide the opportunity to leverage your enthusiasm to create a home-based business on your terms.  You set the schedule, so you’ll have the flexibility to work around your hectic life while you build the income you need. 

Love what you do with Somerville Group and add to your personal or family income while helping to raise a new generation of successful kids.

About You

About Us

Did you know the U.S. toy industry is a $27 Billion a year business? We have been expert toy designers for over 30 years and believe toys should expand a child's world, not simply mirror it.

Our company is one of the newest and most exciting direct sales companies in the industry. It is not often an opportunity to partner with a vibrant, new enterprise presents itself with such an attractive, easy to sell product which provides kids hours of fun, while helping them develop critical skills for the future.

We are embarking on a mission to grow communities nationwide by unlocking the power of play with brands that foster critical developmental skills and optimize childhood development. We need the right moms to join us!


About Our Mission


Every kid loves their toys. But the Somerville Group opportunity is more than selling toys.  In a ever increasing virtual world dominated by tablets, iphones, TV and apps, it is easy to forget the many positive ways in which the right kind of physical toys affect children: Building sets for example develop cognitive and fine motor skills, it develops language skills, it makes the world more relatable and understandable to kids. It helps them develop confidence in their ability to solve problems and interact with their environment.


That is why we are on a mission to change families’ relationship with toys.  We are empowering kids to have a better brighter future with STEM Authenticated toys that encourage kids’ imaginations to grow, while providing an active play experience.  We empower you to grow a better financial future by earning money doing what you already love – talking about kids with your friends.

About Our Products

Our toys are designed to let imaginations soar and the STEM Authentication ensures they are not only fun for today, but they also position children to  develop critical skills, effortlessly through play for a brighter tomorrow.

Somerville Group represents a solid and always expanding product offering of quality toys that are in demand by all kids. We also provide you with all the tools and support you will need to get you on your way to a profitable future.

How do I start?

It’s easy and we believe in keeping things simple. Now is a great time to join our winning team.

Send us an email using the form below including your zip code so we can qualify you for your geographical area and we can send your Somerville Group Ambassador Agreement.

As soon as our office approves your Ambassador Agreement, you will be able to choose from one of our exciting starter sales kits and sales materials and you’ll be ready to start your business!

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